Monitoring system

FIRACE, a system for remote monitoring and telemetry of the different parameters of an electric motorbike.

In line with the MotoStudent academic projectof the University of La Rioja the need arises to implement a monitoring system in an electric racing motorbike in order to have greater control of the environment and the variables that are involved in the correct operation of the motorbike. In this project, the electric prototype has been adapted in such a way as to achieve total monitoring of the archetype and the possibility of acting on it by applying technologies such as Big Data y Advanced Analytics.

A monitoring system for MotoStudent

In other words, it has developed a system for remote monitoring and telemetry of the different parameters of the electric bikewith the ability to integrate into the open source FIWAVE platform.

The development of a monitoring system facilitates the surveillance and monitoring of all the components that make up the motorbike. In particular, monitoring systems have been developed for the following factors:

  • Monitoring of tracking parameters during operation.
  • Battery monitoring.
  • Remote monitoring of the parameters necessary to improve engine performance.

FISTREAM, video streaming integration into FIWAVE

We have been able to develop a set of agents and connectors to integrate streaming video from cameras in the FIWARE ecosystemThe system of IoT based on video streaming supported by the use of branded technology. FIWAVEBosonit's own brand.

This allows remote access to streaming video via a connector created to add the camera function to the FIWARE platform.

This project, successfully completed in June 2020, has been funded by ADER and has also been granted co-financing from ERDF budgets.