Against cancer

Bosonit and Elliot Cloud register the participation of 600 employees to help in the fight against cancer 

Riojan companies support al atleta Miguel Ferrer in his challenge solidarity of running the world's six great marathons for the purpose of fundraising against cancer.

As part of its business commitment to solidarity and sport in La Rioja, and with the aim of contributing to the fight against cancer, the companies Bosonit y Elliot Cloud support the athlete Miguel Ferrer in his challenge to complete the 6 World Marathon Majors in less than a year in order to raise funds to fight the disease.

The presentation of this solidarity initiative, which took place this Friday at Bosonit's headquarters in Logroño, was attended by Bosonit's Head of Culture, María Díez Arnaíz; the CEO of Elliot Cloud, Óscar Ruiz; the long-distance runner Miguel Ferrer and the president of the Spanish Association Against Cancer in La Rioja (AECC)Elena Eguizábal.  

The technological companies of La Rioja have taken part in this challenge and have registered the participation of 600 employees to collaborate with a donation that will serve to continue advancing in treatments and research in the fight against cancer.  

The Riojan long-distance runner will put the names of each one of the donors on the T-shirts that he will wear in all the marathons that make up the challenge and the money raised, which amounts to 1,200 euros, will go entirely to the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC).  

Sport represents fundamental values and principles such as effort, perseverance and self-improvement, and through it, different achievements can be made. In this case, helping to promote research, giving visibility to the disease and demonstrating that together we can achieve important advances," said María Díez Arnaíz, Head of Culture at Bosonit. This initiative is in line with the corporate social responsibility strategy promoted by Bosonit, through which it ?also promotes other types of solidarity actions aimed at the development of society, such as the dissemination of fundamental technological knowledge with the aim of reducing the digital divide, the collaboration agreement established with the Riojan women's basketball club? Bosonit Unibasket or the donation in favour of the Food BankThe technology consultancy's adherence to the United Nations Global Compact has guided all of this," explained Díez Arnaíz.  

The CEO of Elliot Cloud, Óscar Ruiz, has underlined that the initiative ?strengthens the voluntary commitment of the company towards the progress of society, promoting the active collaboration of our employees? In this regard, he said: "Not everything is technology and work, there are much more important issues in life in which companies must help as far as possible in an altruistic way and thus give back to society what it is giving us, as well as offering economic development and jobs. 

For his part, Miguel Ferrer has acknowledged his desire to take on this challenge once ?he has achieved all his sporting goals and is convinced that it is time to do, through sport, a solidarity action to raise funds to fight against a disease such as cancer, which has touched us all, in one way or another, and which I, in particular, in the figure of my mother, has had to suffer it up to three times? In this sense, he assured: "With the symbolic act of wearing all the names on my T-shirt, I want everyone to feel that they are with me and participate in crossing the finish line of the 6 most famous marathons on the planet". 

During the event, the t-shirt with the 600 names of Bosonit and Elliot Cloud employees was handed over to the president of the Spanish Association Against Cancer in La Rioja (AECC), Elena Eguizábal, who expressed her excitement and gratitude for this action that supports the fight against cancer in La Rioja. It is exciting that we can go together around the world representing, supporting and crossing the finish lines of these marathons to make the fight against this disease visible," said Eguizábal. I can only thank Miguel Ferrer, the Riojan companies Bosonit and Elliot Cloud, and everyone who promotes this type of initiative in La Rioja because it shows that we are a very supportive and participative community.  

Against cancer

Together against cancer

The challenge is to run in one year the 42 kilometres of the Six Majors, the most famous marathons in the world that take place in Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago and New York.  

On 24 April, Miguel Ferrer ran the first marathon in London, followed by Berlin on 24 September, Chicago on 8 October and New York on 5 November. In 2024, he will run the Tokyo Marathon on 10 March and finish in Boston on 15 April next year. 

The moments of his training sessions and races in which he participates can be followed through his Instagram profile (eldeporteyyo) where Miguel Ferrer already has 62,000 followers. 

Individuals and companies wishing to join the initiative can collaborate by contacting reto@6destinos1meta.es.

NWorld Business Group

Bosonit is an advanced technology services consultancy that helps companies and institutions in their digital transformation and evolution. It specialises in data processing through Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, and works with advanced technologies in Cybersecurity, Cloud & Devops and Development. 

Elliot Cloud is a company that has developed a native solution for infrastructure management in the industrial sector, smart cities and buildings, energy and water. It is a platform that applies IoT technology for the capture, transformation and analysis of data that favours the management, control and optimisation of infrastructure processes. 

Bosonit and Elliot Cloud are part of NWorld, one of the leading independent groups formed by 100% Spanish capital. With a global presence, it executes projects in 20 countries, with a special focus on Europe and America, where more than 1,800 professionals work. 



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