Nfq Group

The Nfq Group, one of the most important independent consultancy groups with Spanish capital, is born.

The new Nfq Group provides international service with projects in more than 18 countries. It is made up of an ecosystem of specialist brands in the different sectors of activity and knowledge that make up the new value chain: technology, data, processes and business.

Which companies make up the Nfq Group?

The Nfq Group, The Spanish companies Nfq Advisory, Bosonit, Nter and Nforce have been created with the aim of creating an ecosystem specialising in the technology, data, process and business sectors.

The Group's ?value proposition is based on the ?specialisation of its ?knowledge and the ?complementarity of its ?capabilities, being able to provide services ?end to end in virtually every sector of activity, with a particular focus on the 'financial sector'.

Nfq Advisory, Bosonit y Nforce The Nfq Group is an ecosystem of 4 specialist brands, each one in a sector of knowledge and activity in what today represents the new value chain of the post-digital economy: technology, data, processes and business consulting.

Nfq Group composed of 100% Spanish capital

The four companies joining forces in the Nfq Group are: Nfq Advisory and Nforce together with the Riojan companies Bosonit and Nter. Four specialist brands, each in a sector of expertise and activity in what it represents today the new value chain of the post-digital economy: technology, data, processes and business consulting.

All four companies share the same vision: real value comes from specialisation. Specialisation both in the generation of knowledge and experience, and in the attraction and training of talent.

The Nfq Group brings together at its inception 900 employees and provides services internationally through its offices in Spain, Mexico, United Kingdom, Brazil and USA, with projects in more than 18 countries and represents one of the main independent consultancy groups with entirely Spanish capital.

In Spain, the Nfq Group currently has offices in Madrid, Bilbao, Zaragoza, Logroño and Jaén.

About Nfq Advisory

The financial and insurance consultancy firm, which was founded in Madrid almost 10 years ago, has grown steadily, adding talent and experience to its value proposition every year. Its model, based on innovation and specialisation in areas of knowledge and business, has positioned the brand as a benchmark within its fields of action:

  • Banking.
  • Capital Markets.
  • Insurance.
  • Real Estate.

Nfq Advisory collaborates with leading players in their areas of service provision, some of them, such as the Banco Santander and BBVAwith which it participates in supranational projects, Mapfre and Santalucía in the insurance sector and Sareb and Aliseda in the real estate sector.

About Bosonit

It is the Nfq Group's service company specialising in emerging technologies and data processing and exploitation. It was founded in Logroño 4 years ago, with the aim of being the main centre for nearshoring services in new technologies in Spain, and has extensive experience in the most cutting-edge business intelligence projects through the modelling and exploitation of data in areas of activity ranging from finance to pharmaceuticals.

Bosonit represents one of the leading Spanish brands in one of the fastest growing sectors due to its strategic importance in any project and industry. Some of its technologies are: Big Data, Business Intelligenceor emerging technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things) or robotisation.

About Nforce

It is the brand of the Nfq Group specialising in the provision of services in the field of operations. Nforce, which has been in business for 3 years, has resources specialised in the design, implementation and efficiency of operational processes, with particular experience in the financial and insurance sectors.



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