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Career opportunities target data analytics training

Professional opportunities are increasingly sought after in technological fields, which is why technologies such as Business Intelligence, Big Data, Data Science are terms that are already included in the curricula of major universities.

The need to constantly update the range of training on offer so that young people are better prepared to face the challenges of the future. career opportunities and the new challenges of the obligatory digital transformation of companies and institutions. Business schools, training companies and universities are on the road to innovation, adapting to the business world and working together with companies to incorporate new technologies into their training offer. New technologies in data analysis offer a great opportunity for students to make a difference and get on the bandwagon of the demand that is marked by companies.

Business Intelligence and data analysis, a professional opportunity for differentiation

The Business Intelligence focuses on the study of data to facilitate business decision-making. The analysis of these data and visualisation to make the right decisions, predict and inform specific business areas such as marketing, human resources, finance and operations. In the new digital era, data has positioned itself as the new oil of business.

Now is the time to go for technologies that are Business Intelligence that will enable us to advance our objectivesWe are analysing the data we have in order to define a strategy that will allow us to incorporate other data sources and advance our knowledge of our customers, our competitors and our own strengths and weaknesses.

So much so that, in the next five years, it is estimated that the number of data specialists working in large companies will increase by more than 240%. While the present is already revealing: every day more than 3 billion searches are performed on Google, 4 billion videos are watched on YouTube, more than 100 billion emails are sent and more than 300 million tweets are written.

Big Data talent is coveted worldwide

The demand for skills and professionals from Big Data has risen by almost 80% in recent months, according to a recent report from Experis Tech Cities Job Watcha global leader in professional Information Technology (IT) resourcing.

The skills most in demand for specific roles in Big Data include AWSPython, Hadoop, Spark, MongoDB, Hive, Tableau and Java. Hybrid profiles, where people have a broader IT knowledge rather than specialised skills, will also be in demand.

Therefore, it is a good time to take a Master's degree in Big Data, specifically masters in Big Data and Data Analytics.

The most sought-after profiles in the Data Science sector

The target learner profile is Data Science includes professionals with a technical (engineers or ICT experts), quantitative (mathematicians, statisticians) or business (economics and business) background who are interested in gaining a competitive advantage over their competitors by specialising in data analysis.

The Data Science leads the professional to take advantage of the data and therefore, when a company requires one of these professionals, it focuses on looking for people with knowledge in the following areas learning, data miningas well as pattern tecognition.

It is undeniable that this profile is on the rise within the sector and this is clearly due to the progress it is making.

The professional data scientist will have the opportunity to work in areas such as artificial intelligence, machine learning o quant.

Do you know our scholarship programme?

Bosonit, in collaboration with the International University of La Rioja (UNIR), is launching in 2019 a programme of 30 scholarships nationwide, aimed at university and vocational training students who have a technological profile to grow and opt for professional opportunities. The aim is to facilitate the completion of the Master's Degree in Big Data applied to Digital Banking and Fintech. A training programme offered by UNIR and which, completely online, addresses specialised technology for the financial sector and insurance companies.

In addition, from the first day they can enjoy paid internships, and at the end, they have a good chance of being hired at Bosonit for the development centres in Logroño, Zaragoza, Madrid, Bilbao and Jaén.



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