High Performance Technology Centre

Bosonit and NWorld present their High Performance Centre for Advanced Technologies in Logroño, which will be designed by Kengo Kuma and the Riojan architect Javier Villar.

The High Performance Technology Centre that the technology consultancy firm will build in Logroño's Old Town prioritises respect for the environment in which it is integrated with the use of natural and traditional materials from the area.   

The project has 5,500 m2 of usable built area and more than 2,200 m2 of public space for use by the city, including a freely accessible panoramic terrace that will contribute to the revitalisation and revitalisation of the area.

It will be a unique, multifunctional space with offices housing more than 500 workstations, training rooms, student residence, business incubator, innovation laboratory, multi-purpose room and restaurant area.

Bosonit and NWorld have presented the project of the new High Performance Centre for Advanced Technologies which will be built in the Old Town of Logroño and will bear the signature of Kengo Kuma and the Logroño architect Javier Villar Ruiz. The event was attended by the president and founder of Bosonit, Miguel Fernández; the partner of NWorld, Benito Álvarez; the CEO of Bosonit, Manuel Sáenz Barrio; the CEO of Elliot Cloud, Óscar Ruiz Chicote, and the Logroño architect and partner of the Kengo Kuma & Associates studio, Javier Villar. It was also attended by more than 600 people, including the Mayor of Logroño; the President of the Parliament of La Rioja; the Government Delegate in La Rioja, and the Ministers of Finance and Public Administration; Health; Autonomous Development; Sustainability and Ecological Transition and spokesperson of the Government of La Rioja, and Agriculture, Livestock, Rural World, Territory and Population, as well as a broad representation of La Rioja society and a large part of the firm's workers.

During the presentation, held in the Municipal Auditorium of the Logroño Town Hall, the news and future plans of Bosonit and the NWorld business group, which continues its international expansion from Logroño and La Rioja, were explained. However, attention has been focused on the project of the building that will house the future headquarters of the technology consultancy.

The planned building will have 5,500 m2 of usable floor space and more than 2,200 m2 of public space, including a freely accessible panoramic terrace that will create a new view of Logroño and contribute to the revitalisation and revitalisation of this emblematic area of the capital of La Rioja.

From the outset, the project prioritises respect for the church of Santa María de Palacio. The meeting point between the church and the new Bosonit headquarters is aligned with the eaves of the church, at a height of approximately 13.6 metres, measured from the lowest point of Calle Puente in contact with the site. This height is maintained throughout the first 20 metres of the building and remains below the pre-existing buildings.

The structure of the building has been conceived in a staggered manner. From the aforementioned point in Marqués de San Nicolás, the future headquarters of Bosonit and NWorld gradually grows until it reaches a façade height of 17.8 metres at the junction with Calle Puente, 3.7 metres below the height permitted in the specific modification of the PGOE. The High Performance Technology Centre continues to advance in a staggered manner until it reaches a maximum façade height of 23.65 metres towards the Puente de Piedra roundabout, also set below what is permitted in the aforementioned municipal modification (2.85 metres less). It is in this wider area, open to the river, that the panoramic terrace with public access is located.

High Performance Technology Centre

The aim of the work is to recover the tradition of the buildings and reinterpret it with a contemporary point of view and unique features that would not be possible in another location. In addition to maintaining and enhancing the value of the existing walls on the ground floor, the new façades towards the street blend in with those of the historic centre, using traditional natural stone in warm tones. It is only towards the inner courtyard that the façades take on a contemporary appearance suitable for a public use," explained Javier Villar, an architect from Logroño and partner in the Kengo Kuma & Associates studio. Therefore, a design that respects to the maximum the environment in which it is integrated with the use of natural and traditional materials of the area and creating an architecture of human scale transmitting a sense of intimacy to enhance the urban space in which it sits.

A participatory and public project

 The High Performance Technology Centre is aligned with the streets of Marqués de San Nicolás and Puente in such a way that, the open space that remains towards the interior of the building will become a green area for public and accessible use thanks to the permeability of the project on the ground floor, which will favour pedestrian traffic between the church of Santa María de Palacio and the Puente de Piedra roundabout.

The open and accessible dimension of our High Performance Technology Centre is particularly relevant due to its location, at a point where the Camino de Santiago enters the city through the Puente de Piedra (Stone Bridge). The arrival of pilgrims and the traffic of visitors and citizens has pushed the architects Kengo Kuma and Javier Villar to conceive a building that is articulated around a staircase that connects the street, from the area in front of the Puente de Piedra roundabout with the roof garden of the building. This design will allow anyone to access the top of the Centre and enjoy the views of the city.

High Performance Technology Centre

In this regard, the architect from Logroño and partner of the Kengo Kuma & Associates studio, Javier Villar, emphasised that ?the building has been conceived from the outset as an opportunity to create a quality public space: on the ground floor, elevated next to the party wall of Santa María de Palacio, and, at the highest point, as a panoramic terrace where you can enjoy the unprecedented views of the Old Quarter of the capital of La Rioja, where you can see the towers of La Redonda Cathedral and the church of San Bartolomé, as well as the river Ebro and its basin?

Unique and multifunctional space

In addition to the participative and public space, the purpose of the new Bosonit and NWorld headquarters is to enable the creation of direct investments in La Rioja and to generate employment. It has been conceived as a unique, multifunctional space with offices that will house more than 500 workplaces, training rooms, innovation laboratory, business incubator, student residence, a 500 m2 multi-purpose room for events and innovation and catering areas on the ground floor and on the garden terrace.

The president and founder of Bosonit, Miguel Fernándezdefined the High Technological Performance Centre as "a project of Logroño for Logroño" and stressed: "I have always thought about my personal commitment to my city and my region and I see this project as an opportunity to give back to Logroño and La Rioja everything they have given us. We also want knowledge and innovation to go hand in hand in order to move forward, with the aim of taking the capacity of La Rioja to an international level and for the company to attract talent and create quality employment for a young team".

On the other hand, NWorld's partner, Benito Álvarez, emphasized "NWorld's commitment to Logroño" and expressed his gratitude to the Riojan institutions "for their backing, support and confidence in a project that they have defined as being of strategic interest for the region and that can contribute to consolidate Logroño as a technopolis. Undoubtedly, this is only the beginning of NWorld's relationship with the city, which we seek to promote through the generation of employment and the attraction of talent".

Progress in the processing of the project

With the approval of the specific modification of the General Plan for the plot in the Old Town where the new headquarters of Bosonit and NWorld will be located, a milestone in the process of processing the project was reached on 2 February.

Following this procedure, the company was able to present the basic project to Logroño City Council on Friday 10 February. From now on, once the company has the municipal approval, the building permit will be requested, and from that moment the works can begin.

High Performance Technology Centre

Technological knowledge and boosting talent

Bosonit is an advanced technology services consultancy that helps companies and institutions in their digital transformation and evolution. It specialises in data processing through Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, and works with advanced technologies in Cybersecurity, Cloud & Devops and Development.

The company provides technological know-how by fostering talent through training programmes in advanced technologies which, together with a professional career with a long track record, contribute to maintaining high levels of specialisation and low turnover rates.

Bosonit was founded in 2015 and already has more than 600 employees. The decentralisation promoted by the company allows the entity to be close to its clients and helps to attract the best talent in the different offices located in Logroño, Madrid, Zaragoza, Bilbao, Jaén, Seville, Pamplona, Valencia, Málaga, Santiago de Compostela, Mexico, Brazil and the UK.

Bosonit is part of NWorldone of the leading independent groups made up of 100% Spanish capital. With a global presence, it executes projects in 20 countries through six international offices and 14 Nearshore centres, with a special focus on Europe and America, where more than 1,800 professionals work.

NWorld is made up of three specialised companies, Bosonit, Nfq and Nforce, which provide services in the different links of the value chain. The business group is completed by Binaia, Elliot Cloud and The Wick, three initiatives specialising in talent generation, innovation and business acceleration.



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