Bosonit creates web app to help people affected by the coronavirus

The HelpCoronavirus app was created to better address the COVID19 pandemic. It is a non-profit app, with a single objective: to connect people in need with people who want to offer their help.

This initiative is completely altruistic and has been developed in their spare time by a team of people from BosonitLorena Monasterio, Álvaro Arautz, Diego Tobalina, Iván Pérez, David Martínez, Leyre Guerrero and Olivia Arnedo.

HelpCoronavirus is evolving day by day, with new versions being released daily thanks to citizens' initiatives. You can send yours to contact@helpcoronavirus.org

Alvaro Arautz, developer is attending to all queries and users who want to participate to connect with people asking for help.

The idea is to launch new versions integrating new technologies that offer these utilities:

  1. Geolocation for infected people.
  2. Open to groups of professional volunteers (retired doctors) for home-based care.
  3. Register of cured persons.

We encourage everyone to participate in this initiative, we are sure that together we can help people in need, and most importantly, bring out the best in everyone in times of need. difficult.



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