Bosonit wins international tender from the Central American Bank for Economic Integration to evaluate its business intelligence platform

Bosonit has won the tender for the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) to evaluate the business intelligence platform of this multilateral development finance institution and include the implemented solutions. The technology consultancy will take on the full implementation of the project, laying its foundations in a new country: Honduras. This opportunity not only reflects the potential and development of our company, but also our commitment to constant growth, which is a fundamental part of our business. OUR PHILOSOPHY said Manuel Sáenz BarrioCEO of Bosonit.

This achievement marks a significant milestone on our path to international expansion and influence. Our dedication to excellence and cooperation is reflected in this multilateral project, which provides us with a valuable opportunity to collaborate with other nations and institutions in pursuit of a shared goal," he said.

The project, which will last for three months, aims to evaluate the business intelligence platform of the CABEIaggregating the implemented solutions. It also aims to assess the reasonableness of the construction times and costs of the business intelligence solutions, to determine whether the cost-benefit of these solutions are favourable and consistent with their design and whether they have generated value for the Bank. The evaluation covers the entire process from the entry of data into the Data Warehouse to the reports or analyses that the different users generate as data analytics and business intelligence solutions.

Bosonit's CEO acknowledged that he is "proud to be able to contribute to sustainable development and the well-being of society with this project". He also thanked CABEI "for placing its trust in Bosonit to carry out this important project" and acknowledged that "the tireless work and talent of the team have been fundamental to achieve this success".

CABEI, a multilateral development finance institution

Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) is an international multilateral development finance institution. Its resources are continuously invested in projects with development impact to reduce poverty and inequalities, strengthen regional integration and the competitive insertion of partners in the global economy, with special attention to environmental sustainability.

It is headquartered in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, and has regional offices in Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Dominican Republic, Republic of China Taiwan, Argentina, Spain, and the Republic of Korea.

Multilateral agencies play a crucial role in global governance, facilitating collaboration and knowledge-sharing between countries to solve common challenges and promote sustainable development at the international level. Each agency has its own structure, mandate and specific objectives, but all work to promote peace, stability and well-being in the world.



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