year 2021

These are times to reflect, celebrate and recognise the achievements we have made throughout this year, especially for the effort and involvement involved. Therefore, we look back on the events of this special and extraordinary year 2021: 

Working in these extraordinary times requires a major adaptation effort for both the company and the employees. Uncertainty, the perception of greater demands than usual or the immediate adoption of teleworking have a profound impact on the workplace, causing changes in the organisation, rhythms and types of work. 

It is a time to reflect, celebrate and recognise the achievements we have made over the yearThe effort and involvement that it entails. For this reason, we review the events of this special and extraordinary year 2021

"We support healthcare providers in defeating the coronavirus by providing data and AI solutions".

We participated in the second edition of the COVID-X project for market acceleration programme developing innovative data-driven solutions e artificial intelligence to support health systems to save the lives of coronavirus patients and combat the pandemic.

Project HIT: a before and after in the history of Bosonit and N.World

We officially present the HIT ProjectHigh Performance Tech Center Project, the future headquarters to be carried out by prestigious professionals such as the Riojan architect Javier Villar and the Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, both partners in the firm KENGO KUMA & ASSOCIATES. Kengo Kuma's declared aim is: to recover the tradition of buildings and reinterpret these traditions for the 21st century.
A building dedicated to the development of new technologies. A space capable of combining activities to promote innovation as a development centre, residence, training, accelerator and innovation laboratory. A series of spaces to incubate talent and the needs that the future demands.

"Radio Rioja Innovation Award and Mercury Advanced Company Award".

We received the Radio Rioja 2021 Award for Innovation at the awards gala organised by Cadena SER, where the merits of our work and its impact on people, companies and the region were recognised.

We also received the Mercurio Advanced Company Award, at the gala awards ceremony organised by the Marketing Club and the authorities of La Rioja, recognising us as one of the benchmark technology corporations for our track record and for revolutionising the ICT and IT consultancy sector in just 6 years.

"The Wick & Nxtgen: creating and launching new brands and services".

From N World we are launching our bets to reinvent the training of technical profiles and for the acceleration and incubation of companies:

Nxtgen, talent raised for the future

NxtGen has taken off this year as an N.World brand specialising in attracting, training and developing talent. A unique training model oriented 100% to start a career in the technology sector and with the quality standards of the business sector, based on the extensive experience of our professionals in real cutting-edge projects in leading companies and corporations in the sector, with a practical approach and oriented to the real world. 

The Wick, the business accelerator

This year also saw the birth of The Wickan innovation space created by N.World where we combine our business knowledge and the use of technological muscle to develop technological solutions and make tomorrow's products and services a reality. Supporting entrepreneurs and startups through a complete accompaniment model according to their sector, in different services and incubation phases: Development support, Growth marketing, Sales, Head Hunting, Financing & R&D and Operations.  

We are in the process of accelerating more than 10 initiatives of our own and together with our clients, in the fields of emerging technologies and solutions: Human infrastructure management, B2B platforms, Venture & Seed Capital and preferably B2B.

Elliot Cloud makes progress in its business growth

Elliot Cloudcontinues to grow, doubling its turnover over the previous year, maintaining a margin of 35%, increasing its team by 18 people this year and developing innovative projects of great national and international impact: 

    • Development of the first smart university campus based on 5G technology for the University of Murcia.
    • SOS Water 21st Century missions project with SACYR. 
    • Development of an asset management system for OPD Energy. 
    • Industry 4.0 implementations in Bodegas Riojanas, Vega Pelayo and Vinagrerías Riojanas.
    • Implementation of Elliot Energy in Zaragoza City Council and Metro de Madrid. 
    • Development of a tool for intelligent buildings of the Regional Government of Extremadura. 
    • Deployment of Elliot Smart City and DTI solution in Rota. 
    • Rapid market assessment for the application of digital technology systems (IoT, Blockchain, Data Analytics and AI) in water and ecosystem security for the Green Climate Fund.

"Organisational change through exponential growth".

Thanks to the growth we are experiencing in N.World and its satellite companies, Miguel F. Morales, becomes Chairman of Bosonit and Elliot Cloud, handing over as CEO to those who can best manage this growth: Manuel S.Barriothe new CEO of Bosonit y Oscar Ruiz Chicote, already being the new CEO of Elliot Cloud.
Congratulations to all three of you!

"Project HIT, Bosonit's new headquarters in Logroño is declared of strategic regional interest".

To end this year 2021 of pure growth, excellent news: the HIT project, which will be the high performance centre and headquarters of Bosonit, has been declared of Regional Strategic Interest. 

The project envisages that the facilities, which will be built and located in the historic centre of Logroño, which will also revitalise this area to attract more initiatives of this type, will house a large centre to promote new innovative projects in the technology sector, which will serve as an accelerator aimed at intra-entrepreneurship, as well as the discovery of start-up companies at national and international level, to provide training programmes in new technologies.  

The consequence of this is that our project will have a preferential and urgent boost in terms of ordinary processing times before any public administration and public sector body of the Autonomous Community of La Rioja and will be able to benefit from aid intensity premiums. 

"We continue to add talent".

We opened the year 2021 with 274 employees, and, over the course of this year, we closed it with more than 400, launching ambitious projects that impact companies and institutions with thousands of users. 

At Bosonit we are achieving something that is almost impossible for any other company, regardless of its size, and that is the ability to grow without a high turnover of professionals and a loss of talent. 

One of the pillars on which part of our success and growth is based is our training process, a process where people are encouraged to leave their comfort zone in search of knowledge, to be curious, to investigate, to research and to believe in their ability to contribute to the team. This is the Bosonit DNA. 

What sets us apart at Bosonit

This is our way of pursuing excellence, developing the talent of all those who form part of this great family and then putting it into practice with extraordinary results so far, quality, good work, confidence and the capacity to continue improving in all areas. 

We close the year 2021 and start an exciting 2022 with the launch of new companies and solutions that combine talent and technology to continue to be a benchmark in our sector.   

Thank you for an extraordinary year, we are happy to have a team full of passion and talent. that we are proud to see growing at the same pace as the organisation.

Together we are building a great, specialised team that will be a talking point. 

Thank you for being there!



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