Buy back Hiberus

Bosonit buys back its stake from Hiberus and becomes 100% Riojan again

As Bosonit's CEO pointed out, Miguel Fernandez Morales "This is a mutually satisfactory operation. It has been a pleasure to work with Híberus and we do not rule out collaborating with them again on one or more projects in the future. The head of Bosonit has added that "Hiberus has been with us until today, has made it possible to achieve major milestones and the share buyback has responded to a change of cycle that will be good for everyone.

Miguel F. Morales has stated that after the repurchase of Hiberus, Bosonit's vocation is 100 % Rioja, as well as giving continuity to its strategy for national and international expansion. With a clear commitment to training and the attraction of talentThe new technology talent is an opportunity for technology talent to become better prepared to face the challenges of the future. career opportunities and the new challenges of the obligatory digital transformation of companies and institutions.

He pointed out that "We have very important technological projects that are going to become a reality soon and we want them to be developed in La Rioja and Logroño, and that is why we are continuing to work along these lines to guarantee growth". Moreover, he pointed out that "There are companies interested in participating in our project. It's always nice when others show interest in what you do, but it's not a priority for the company right now.



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