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Bosonit participates in the "Closer Europe" initiative, which promotes internationalisation in innovation.

Sara Madariaga, representing Bosonit, will go to Brussels from 1 to 3 April on a mission together with ten other companies.

The Government of the Rioja, through the Economic Development Agency of La Rioja (ADER) and the Federation of Companies of La Riojawith the collaboration of the Directorate-General for External Action, CDTI and the Enterprise Europe Network, have launched the 7th edition of the "Europe closer to you" itinerary in which 10 entities from La Rioja will participate.

The aim of this itinerary is to facilitate, on the one hand, the participation of the Rioja region in R&D projects European countries, and on the other hand, collaboration with entities in other countries to expand the markets for our innovative products and services.

This programme is developed within the framework of the Enterprise Europe Network, an international network that relies on the coordinated action of 600 organisations and specialised professionals to provide advisory services on the internationalisation of innovation in 54 countries and to promote the development of collaborative projects in this field.

The 10 entities from La Rioja will travel to Brussels next week, from 1 to 3 April, with a complete itinerary that aims to bring them closer to the mechanisms of participation in the European Union. European R&D funding programme "Horizon 2020".thus increasing the chances of success of future proposals. The success of previous editions has led to a further 20 organisations from Navarre and Extremadura joining the Rioja delegation.

Training itinerary "Europe + close to you".

The Riojan entities participating in this edition are: JIG, Norpoo, Creativitic, Centro Tecnológico Riojano, Artika Energías Renovables, Bosonit, CTCR, CTIC-CITA, AERTIC and AEI Automoción).

All of them participate in a complete itinerary, which started with a comprehensive training programme and culminates with the trip to Brussels, aimed at facilitating their participation in R&D projects eligible for funding from Europe.

During their stay in Brussels there will be a visit to the Spanish Science and Technology SOST office in Brussels where CDTI delegates and other speakers will explain first-hand the practical contents of the European funding programme for innovation Horizon2020 and the opportunities and advantages offered by this programme.

Entities with a defined project or proposal may also arrange individual interviews with European Commission project officers. They will also be able to arrange meetings with Belgian entities to form consortia or reach agreements for the transfer of know-how. technology. To this end, they have been able to count on the collaboration of the La Rioja Office in Brussels, of which the Director General for External Action, Giorgio Cerina, has stressed that it is "a tool at the disposal of all the people of La Rioja, which provides services of a cross-cutting nature".

Support services to promote international R&D projects

This support is complemented by the ADER's line of aid specifically aimed at encouraging the participation of companies from La Rioja in European and international R&D&I programmes, promoting international technological collaboration and facilitating access to R&D funding. In addition, the Government of La Rioja has advisory and support services through the Enterprise Europe Network and the itineraries Mexico Closer, Chile Closer and China Closer.

The advice focuses on the attention and resolution of personalised consultations; assistance during all phases of the project (preparation, proposal, partner search, presentation, negotiation and development); the national and international search for partners to complement the consortium; the personalised management of opportunities for participation in Framework Programme proposals led by third parties; the incorporation of companies into funded proposals and coordination with grant management.



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