Bosonit participates in COVIDx, accelerating COVID-19 data solutions to save lives

Bosonit participates in COVIDx, accelerating COVID-19 data solutions to save lives. A European Union innovation programme with a new €4 million fund to bring to market +30 data technology solutions with potential to contribute to the COVID-19 challenges.

How was COVID-X born?

The COVID-19 pandemic is hitting Europe and the rest of the world hard. As a consequence of this pandemic, Europe has already passed the threshold of 250,000 deaths since February 2020. There is therefore an urgent need to find innovations that can help in the fight against the coronavirus.

It is in this context that the COVID-X project was born, which aims to take the battle against COVID-19 to a new level by helping to bridge the gap between the digital sector and the European healthcare system. The project will boost the capacity of Artificial Intelligence y TData Technology that combat the challenges posed by the coronavirus, validating and scaling up results to save lives.
COVID-X will fund technology companies and healthcare providers to accelerate data-driven solutions with the ability to overcome challenges in the diagnosis, prognosis and monitoring of disease. The funding will be invested in solutions with a high level of technological maturity (TRL 7+) and that have obtained [or are in the process of] CE certification.



What are the applications of the project?

Applications can be made in two different ways: ?single player? (innovative European start-ups and SMEs) who will be able to validate their solutions at one of the COVID-X clinical partners; or ?multiplayer? (technology provider working with a healthcare provider who will validate the solution).

The selected projects will be part of an acceleration programme that will offer technical support, ethical advice and business mentoring, with the aim of boosting their rapid acceptance in the market. Within this acceleration programme, Bosonit's role takes on great relevance. Among many other activities, we will lead the planning and execution of the programme, in collaboration with the consortium partners, and we will provide a full capacity building service, focused on cutting-edge data-related technologies.

The expected impacts of the COVID-X programme include contributing to the preparedness and response of the health system in the current context and ensuring the availability of technologies and tools at its disposal, as well as accelerating the market launch of health technologies and innovations for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 disease.

To this end, the programme will launch two open calls for proposals. The first call will be launched in early December with one and will be open until the end of January 2021.
COVID-X consists of a consortium of 10 partners from 7 different European countries: F6S (Ireland), Australo (Spain), Civitta (Lithuania), Bosonit (Spain), Intrasoft International (Luxembourg), Eight Bells (Cyprus), Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain), Humanitas Research Hospital (Italy), Servicio Madrileño de Salud (Spain) and Karolinska Institute (Sweden).




COVIDx Anonymisation Guide

Preserving anonymity is essential when working with data solutions, therefore, within the framework of the COVIDx project, an anonymisation guide has been published to ensure privacy protection. This guide is part of the key ethics related to the deployment of data solutions.

Access the guide here.

More information:

Linkedin: covid-x

Twitter: @TheCovidX

Email: info@covid-x.eu

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This project has been financed by the Research and Innovation programme of the

European Union HORIZONTE 2020 under grant agreement N° 101016065