Bosonit, a technology consultancy of the NWorld group, opens new headquarters in the centre of Jaén.

With the opening of this office, located in the emblematic Casa Almansa building, the company continues to demonstrate its commitment to Jaén, to people and to business development in the region.

The technology services consultancy firm has now more than 150 employees in Jaén and has added 80 additional jobs at its new headquarters.


The NWorld business group, through its advanced technology services consultancy Bosonit, has inaugurated new headquarters in the centre of Jaén. The event was attended by the CEO and partner of the company, Manuel Sáenz BarrioThe manager of the Jaén office, Álvaro GonzálezThe event was attended by the Mayor of Jaén, Julio Millán; África Colomo, representing the Provincial Council of Jaén, as well as other representatives of the Public Administration.

The new office is located in the emblematic building known as Casa Almansa, in Calle Ramón y Cajal, 1. This building, designed by the Jaén architect Luis Berges, is located in the historic centre of the city, overlooking the Cathedral and surrounded by Renaissance palaces. This is the second headquarters that the technology company has opened in the old town and, in doing so, continues to demonstrate its commitment to Jaén, to the people and to the business development of the province.

This is a step that reinforces Bosonit's commitment to Jaén within the company's growth plan, which already has 150 professionals employed in the city, a growth that has been achieved since the end of 2019, and which places Jaén as Bosonit's second largest technology centre, after its headquarters located in Logroño," said the CEO of the technology consultancy firm, Manuel Sáenz Barrio. He also highlighted: "We are incorporating 80 new jobs with the aim of increasing the possibilities of training, developing and forming part of the Bosonit universe, transmitting the company's values and philosophy, while at the same time supporting young talent and promoting personal and professional development within the ICT sector".

The manager of Bosonit's offices in Jaén, Álvaro González, also underlined "the commitment to the young technological talent that Jaén has" and stated that "it has exceeded the expected growth expectations and, therefore, we are looking to continue generating job opportunities in the city to reach 300 jobs by the end of 2025, attracting talent and taking care of it so that professionals stay or come to live in Jaén". In this regard, he stressed the importance of public-private collaboration on this path: "For us it has been key to maintain a close, fluid and coordinated relationship with the University of Jaén, the training centres and the Public Administration, which thanks to their support and our effort and involvement we have been able to move forward in this process of expansion in Jaén," said González.

The mayor of Jaén, Julio Millán, has valued the commitment and trust shown in Jaén, which with its presence in the capital sends an important message about the opportunities it offers. Millán said that Bosonit is talent and young entrepreneurship, a firm that is committed to skilled employment and that has established an important alliance with the capital, developing key projects of national reference.

Bosonit belongs to the NWorld group of companies.

Bosonit is an advanced technology services consultancy that helps companies and institutions in their digital transformation and evolution. It specialises in the processing of data through the Big Data and the Artificial Intelligenceand works with advanced technologies in Cybersecurity, Cloud & Devops and Development.

The company provides technological know-how by fostering talent through training programmes in advanced technologies which, together with a professional career with a long track record, contribute to maintaining high levels of specialisation and low turnover rates.

Bosonit was founded in La Rioja in 2015. The decentralisation promoted by the company enables the entity to be close to its clients and helps to attract the best talent in the different offices located in Logroño, Madrid, Zaragoza, Bilbao, Jaén, Seville, Pamplona, Valencia, Málaga, Santiago de Compostela, Mexico, Brazil and the UK.

Bosonit is part of NWorld, one of the leading independent groups formed by 100% Spanish capital. With a global presence, it executes projects in 20 countries through six international offices and 14 Nearshore centres, with a special focus on Europe and America, where more than 1,800 professionals work.

NWorld is made up of three specialised companies, Bosonit, Nfq and Nforce, which provide services in the different links of the value chain. The Group is completed by Binaia, The Wick and Elliot Cloud, three initiatives specialising in talent generation, business acceleration and innovation.

In this sense, the inauguration of the headquarters in Jaén was also attended by other colleagues from the group's companies, such as The Wick and Elliot Cloud, who wanted to support the new project promoted by the company, as well as the rest of the heads of other offices in Andalusia where the group has more than 500 employees.

Grants to boost technological talent

Within the framework of public-private collaboration, Bosonit has benefited from the aid provided under the Employment Promotion Plan of the Employment and Business Area of the Jaén Provincial Council, receiving 600,000 euros, which has been allocated to the creation of more than 50 jobs and investment in material resources in its two headquarters located in the province of Jaén.

This grant promotes the growth of the Jaén offices, which are positioned as the headquarters of reference in the Andalusian region, where the company is committed to the development of local talent, as it does in Malaga and Seville where Bosonit also has offices.




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