SME Award 2018

Bosonit, national finalist for SME of 2018 in Digitalisation and Innovation

With only 3 years of life, we are proud to be among the 4 finalists selected nationwide in the category of Digitalisation and Innovation in the edition 'National Award to the best SME of the year 2018' convened by the Spanish Chambers of CommerceBanco Santander and with the collaboration of El País and La SER. The awards ceremony took place at the premises of Banco Santander in Madrid and was presided over by Reyes Maroto, Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism.

As representatives: our CEO and founder of Bosonit, Miguel F. Moralestogether with Sara Madariaga, the company's Innovation Director. At the gala where we were finalists for the SME award, Miguel said: "receiving this national recognition as the most outstanding SME beyond our sector, makes us think that the work we are doing is on the right track. Undoubtedly, it is a reinforcement of our future plans, which include the creation of new lines of business". He added that ?in the coming weeks we will announce a new technological project that will mean growth and more employment?

Bosonit, a 3 year old technology company created without financing, has consolidated its position as one of the technology companies of the year.

Three years ago, Miguel, with experience as a consultant for large financial institutions in the Anglo-Saxon market, returned to Spain to build a dream, Bosonit. Without financing for its creation, today it has more than fifty projects underway and a team of 80 employees. We closed the past year with a turnover of 2.5 million euros and offices in Logroño, Madrid, Zaragoza and Bilbao.

With this recognition, BOSONIT consolidates its position as one of the most promising Spanish technology companies specialising in data analytics, with cutting-edge technologies such as: Big Datadata visualisation (business intelligence), advanced analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Our clients include large companies such as El Corte Inglés, Sareb, Eroski Group, Henneo Group, Banco Santander, Mapfre, among others. Also, for institutions such as the City Councils of San Sebastián, Gijón or Zaragoza.

We develop tools to simplify intermediation in complex financial products, programming of regulatory control processes, improvement of asset management operations and participation in the ?SELECT for Cities? project within the Horizon 2020 programme, the objective of which was to develop an IoE (Internet of Everything) platform for the cities of Copenhagen, Antwerp and Helsinki under the European standards of the FIWARE technology. Internet of Everything, the natural evolution of the Internet of Things, is recognised as one of the technologies that are transforming the way we live in our urban environments.

In addition, one of the most important milestones has been the creation of our own cryptocurrency, called Bosocoin. A programme to reward employees for productivity goals, achievement of objectives or the generation and publication of content.



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