Bosonit participates in Innovazul and presents its technological solutions aimed at increasing the competitiveness of industry and society.

The advanced technology services consultancy Bosonit has taken part in InnovazulThe company's technological solutions that help to increase the competitiveness of industry and society were presented at the 2nd International Meeting on Knowledge and the Blue Economy. The event was attended by the CEO of the company, Manuel Saénz Barriotogether with other members of the Bosonit and NWorld Group team.

Bosonit has found in Innovazul an opportunity to showcase innovative technological solutions that contribute to accompany companies and institutions in their digital transformation and evolution. The consultancy specialises in data processing by means of the Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, and works with advanced technologies in Cybersecurity, Cloud & Devops and Development.




The second edition of this international meeting was, for four days - from 29 November to 2 December - a meeting place for professionals from the Blue Economy sector. InnovAzul has sought to promote the creation of networks and the exchange of best practices in transformative innovation policies in order to align the business and research sectors.

Bosonit has also been part of the programme of activities of the event with the presentation that Elena Guerrero, IT Talent Acquisition of the company, has offered in the Students Blue Space. A speech with which she sought to bring the mission, vision and values of the consultancy to the attendees and explained the commitment to the development of talent and career opportunities within the company.




Likewise, one of the companies of the NWorld group, Elliot Cloud, was also present at Innovazul. The director of Innovation and Public Administration, José Morales, took part in the "Sustainable Blue Economy" block to talk about "Elliot Water Management: Horizontal platform for the integral and holistic management of the water cycle". In addition, during his speech, he presented the progress of the GEDIAV project, of which Elliot Cloud forms part, which favours the monitoring of a Wastewater Treatment Plant and the development of a digital twin to optimise the use of water and costs in the plant.



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