Food donation

Bosonit will collect food donations at its offices in Logroño, Madrid and Jaén in favour of the Food Bank

Bosonit has reached an agreement with the Food Bank through which the food consultancy company will advanced technology will collaborate with the donation of non-perishable foodstuffs to the Food Bank. In this way, Bosonit will collect, in its offices in Logroño, Madrid and Jaén, the food donation with the aim of helping the most disadvantaged people and families. The collection will continue until 23 December, after which the kilos collected will be delivered over the next few days.

The collection at the offices will be carried out in the traditional way. To do this, Bosonit employees will deposit non-perishable food in the boxes set up by the Food Bank in each of the offices in Logroño, Madrid and Jaén. Donations can also be made online through the Operation Kilo campaign via the website set up by the Food Bank for Bosonit with the aim of bringing the initiative closer to all workers, regardless of their geographical location.


Food collection


This initiative reinforces the company's voluntary commitment to the development of society, which it promotes through the active collaboration of its employees. In this line, Bosonit also promotes actions linked to the dissemination of basic technological knowledge to alleviate the digital divide.

The corporate social responsibility strategy is guided by Bosonit's adherence to the United Nations Global Compact, which sets the guidelines for entities worldwide to join forces and act in alignment to promote the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the business sphere.



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