Automotive Cluster

Bosonit, the first technology company of the Automotive Cluster of La Rioja specialising in the area of industrial digitalisation.

The La Rioja Automotive Cluster incorporates Bosonit among its collaborators, as a consultant for advanced services in data analytics and industrial digitisation, and as strategic lines for the digitisation of Industry 4.0.

Bosonit, only 4 years old, offers its clients a wide range of advanced consulting and development services in the areas of advanced analytics and data visualisation, incorporating complementary technologies such as IoT, big data, machine learning or blockchain.

In 2018, it was distinguished as a finalist in the category of Digitalisation and Innovation in the national edition of the SME of the Year Awards.

He works for various sectors of the economy, such as the banking sector, commerce, where he has important clients such as Banco Santander, Sacyr, Sareb, Mapfre, Eroski, Grupo Henneo, Bankia and El Corte Inglés. It also works for Public Administrations such as the City Councils of San Sebastian, Gijon or the Government of Navarre. The company's main objective is to provide comprehensive solutions to companies, with which they can optimise their processes, reduce their costs, or increase the number of products or progress through the development of innovation projects.
With this collaboration, the Automotive Cluster of La Rioja will strengthen the actions and projects with its partners, in one of its main strategic lines such as Industry 4.0, in its desire to improve the competitiveness of the sector and ultimately the social welfare of La Rioja.



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