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Training and employment: finalists in the best national SME 2020 awards

For the second year in a row we have managed to be finalists of the SME 2020 National Awards in the Training and Employment Awardwhich have been granted since Banco Santander y Spanish Chamber of Commerce

After having been the winners of the Award in the Community of La Rioja nominated us for the national award, which was finally awarded to FacePhi Biometria.

This recognition in the area of Training and Employment values the growth of the talent of the consultants who make up our great team, with programmes based on innovation and project-based learning, the basis of our success.

This year's online awards ceremony was held on 26th February, where FacePhi Biometria was the winner. In addition to this award, the following national prizes were also awarded:

  • Internalisation: FonYou.
  • Training and Employment: Viralgen Vector Core.
  • Innovation and Digitalisation: Wallbox Chargers.
  • Responsible Company: Ingeniería Proyectos & Consulting Lanza.

To conclude, it is a great source of pride and recognition for the work done over the years. Becoming finalists two years in a row in the categories that are in the DNA of Bosonit's values: "Innovation and Digitalisation" in the 2019 edition and "Training and Employment" in the 2020 edition shows that we are on the right track. 



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