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Bosonit: from startup to technology SME of the year with Santander Bank

Banco Santander uses Bosonit as an example, as a reference client due to our trajectory from startup to technological SME and our mutual trust:

How do you go from an idea to providing technology services to large companies?

It is a start-up that has become the best technology SME in La Rioja in 2018 and provides services of Big Data and databases to Banco Santander and El Corte Inglés, among other large companies.

In this news extracted from the internal digital publication of the Banco SantanderWe talk about how we were born, how we have gone from startup to Bosonit technology SME of the year and how our relationship as a client has been strengthened:

"Bosonit was born in 2015 as a small start-up created by a single partner. Its relationship with Santander began when its founder, Miguel Fernández Moralesopened an account at a branch in Ermua (Vizcaya) to manage his day-to-day business: collections, payments, card and electronic banking. A year later, Fernández moved to La Rioja and Bosonit's account moved from Ermua to Logroño. The company was already starting to grow and the number of employees, which currently stands at around 80, was increasing. It was in the capital of La Rioja that the relationship between Bosonit and Santander intensified.

In 2017, Zaragoza-based Hiberus Tecnología acquired part of Bosonit's capital. Despite this change in the company's structure, it has continued to collaborate with Banco Santander, which remains its sole bank".

Also noteworthy is the cooperation in information days for customers, for example the one held on 6 November at the main office in Logroño, 'Smart branch':

"In this line, they have even joined forces to organise an Innovation Day at the Smart branch in Logroño, with customers from both, to raise awareness of the aid for R&D&I (research, development and innovation). Banco Santander and Bosonit are currently planning to hold the same event at branches in Pamplona and Zaragoza".



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