AURORAL Project: Bosonit and Elliot Cloud are committed to the digitalisation of the rural world.

Bosonit and Elliot Cloud will participate in the project AuroralOne of the latest H2020 initiatives that is based on social challenges, providing a revolutionary system that will allow rural areas to enter the digital era. Technological advances and digitisation have not occurred homogeneously in all parts of the world, with rural areas being one of the pending points in digitisation, becoming one of the greatest social challenges of our times.

It is in this context that Aurorala 4-year European project involving more than 20 companies, research centres and universities, all with a common goal: to promote digitisation in order to generate more dynamic rural ecosystems.

The project is immersed in a chain of innovation under the dome of the Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies will be used. IoT (Internet of Things) and of Artificial Intelligence for the design and development of each of the phases of the project, providing a technological leap forward on 5 pillars of action: Health, Energy, Agriculture, Mobility and Tourism. Agriculture, Mobility and Tourism.

Similarly, the Auroral digital environment will be demonstrated by developing applications through large-scale pilots in five European regions: Sweden, Italy, Finland, Portugal, Austria and Spain. In this respect, Bosonit and Elliot Cloud will be directly involved in the configuration and development of pilots in Italy and Spain in different rural environments, providing solutions for the management of data generated in these environments.

With the Auroral project, it contributes to increasing economic growth and creating jobs in rural areas, and to addressing important social challenges, helping to reduce the digital divide between rural and urban areas and to develop the potential offered by the increased connectivity and digitisation of different European regions.




This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 101016854.