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La Rioja grants: 1.3 million euros for Industry 4.0 and digitalisation

The Government of La Rioja and the ADER have approved 1.3 million euros for Industry 4.0 and digitalisation projects. The new normality is changing the way we communicate, work and relate to each other, in short, digitalisation with which to obtain the valuable information offered by data, to increase sales and save costs in order to be more competitive.

These are the grants offered by the Government of La Rioja and ADER, with a deadline of 30 September:

Innovation Voucher: Micro Projects of digitalisation and Industry 4.0

Beneficiaries / Participants

Companies, natural or legal persons.

  • CNAE 47 (retail trade) and 95 (repair of goods)

Object of the aid / Programme

The following Cheques will be eligible for subsidy:

1. Proof of concept cheques ?R&D&I projects?

a. Proof of concept: Rapid tests of verification, correct approach and/or validation of methods, ideas or technologies, whether disruptive or incremental, in order to be able to anticipate with the minimum possible risk that they may be susceptible to development and/or exploitation in a useful way.
b. Design and development testing: Development by the acquisition, combination, configuration and use of existing and non-existing scientific, technological, business or other knowledge and skills for the definition of new or improved products, processes or services.
c. Technological Innovation Projects: The development and/or application of:

i. New or significantly improved production, supply or logistics methods or systems (including significant changes in techniques, equipment or software).
ii. Or new organisational methods or systems for the organisation of the work centre(s), the horizontal-vertical and/or internal-external integration and interconnectivity of the processes and/or their products-services, and of the company itself.

2. Product Design Cheques: This must be of an industrial nature and must involve novelty, and may affect the ergonomic and aesthetic function of the products designed.

Type of expenditure

In both Cheques, the following may be subsidised:

External expert consultancy costs.

  • Costs of personnel dedicated to the project (Wages and salaries + SS to be borne by the company)
  • Fixed grant rate: 50%, with the following limits on eligible expenditure:
  • 40.000? for CHE - R+D+i Projects
  • 30.000? for CHE-Product Design

* Periodic consultancy or maintenance activities are excluded.


  • Maximum eligible expenditure for external expert consultancy < 14.500?
  • Personnel costs:
    • CHE-R&D&I projects < 25,500?
    • CHE-Design Product < 15.500?.
  • Minimum eligible expenditure and/or investment: 5.000?
  • Eligible invoices from ¤300 (except for registration of patents or utility models).
  • Eligible costs from 17/12/2019.

*A maximum of one application per call/year per beneficiary and per cheque will be approved (Maximum: one cheque each per beneficiary).


The application will be made online. Through the ADER.

Supporting documentation:

  • Supporting invoices.
  • Bank statement of these invoices.
  • Supporting Memorandum
    • Brief description of the company: its activity, characteristics, organisation-areas, current certified standards, processes, products-services, resources, market and positioning, technologies-patents.
    • Description of the project: general and technical objectives, description of the new product-service-process-pilot-concept, novelty-innovation provided, foreseen difficulties and technologies to be applied, other related projects, work plan and timetable, list and description of the external collaborations and the company's professionals who will work on the project, exploitation of the foreseen results, possible patenting.
  • In case of having received a grant for the same action, additional documents must be provided.

ICT Structures and Systems Programme for digitisation and towards Industry 4.0


Companies, natural or legal persons validly constituted, which have an operational establishment in the Autonomous Community of La Rioja
Excluding CNAE 47 and CNAE 95. Agricultural enterprises.

Object of the aid / Programme

1. New acquisition or implementation of Software and Applications for management, and/or industrial control and/or logistics.

a) Server virtualisation and cloud access applications; Connectivity and information security systems (including backup applications, anti-virus systems, uninterruptible power supply systems, firewalls): IT costs for connecting local area networks (LAN) or wireless (wireless, RFID type, etc.) and secure remote access systems, as well as their supporting networks.
b) Specific management applications for tablets and similar.
c) Management software: applications for management, accounting, budgeting, invoicing, POS, HR, etc.
(d) Integrated management systems (ERP).
(e) Commercial management or customer management systems (CRM).
f) Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).
g) Systems integration (ERP, CRM, SCM, online shop).
h) Design and development applications and software (industrial design, simulation, calculation, other applications).
i) Software integration platforms and process management software (BPM).
j) Graphic design applications and software.
k) Document management software and knowledge management systems.
l) Data analysis systems for decision making (business intelligence).
m) Technology watch tools.
n) Industrial and/or logistics control software and applications.
(o) Fleet management software and applications.
p) Other applications linked to business management.

2. The design and development of dynamic websites with content management system, e-commerce and responsive design.
3. Connected Industry 4.0 programme, and only for industrial companies with 10 or more employees CNAES C1X, C2X and C30-C33.

Type of expenditure

For 1 and 2, the costs of new tangible and intangible assets (software-applications-systems-tools-ICT equipment), as well as consultancy services, assistance and/or external expert advice necessary for the acquisition and implementation are eligible.
For 3, an external expert consultancy to carry out the preliminary study necessary for the implementation of the planned measures and actions required to undertake the "Connected Industry 4.0" programme.
The necessary new tangible and intangible assets, such as equipment, electronic systems, computer equipment, hardware, software, networks.

Type of aid

For 1 and 2 (SMEs only and subject to minimums)

  • Non-repayable grant 35% with maximums.
  • Non-software assets: 50,000?
  • Consultancy, assistance and other: 5,000?
  • Web development: 6.000?
  • Minimum investment of 3,000?

For 3 (industrial companies with more than 10 employees)

  • Consultancy for the preliminary study 35% with a maximum expenditure of 20.000?
  • New tangible and intangible assets 35% (minimum).
  • Minimum deposit 30.000?

Maximum budget is 200,000 per SME and 250,000 for large companies.
One application needed for 1and 2 and one for 3.


Accounting of investments: Investments in tangible and intangible assets (management software and applications, advanced intelligent management software, support structures and IT equipment) to be considered eligible, must be activated and accounted for as such.
Degree of innovation of the projects: The company must describe in the application for aid, the initial situation of the company, the details of the new project and justify the innovation that the proposed project represents for the company with respect to the initial situation.
Retroactive nature: expenditure from 17 December 2019.
Invoices of less than ¤300 are not accepted.

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