At Bosonit we believe it is very important to keep our employees constantly trained and updated in new knowledge, methodologies and new working trends in the sector. For this reason we have begun a stage of Salesforce certifications in which 50 team members participate. 

The Salesforce certification is the definitive benchmark that recognises the real-world skills, experience and expertise of today's cloud specialists. Salesforce is ranked number one in the customer relationship management (CRM). It is its versatility that makes this tool suitable for any type of company, regardless of its size and the sector to which it belongs. 

Why do we at Bosonit invest in Salesforce training?

  • Data Quality as a means to achieve the single customer view.
  • CRM platform #1 on the market and widespread among major customers in the industries we serve
  • Forecast high demand for projects from our customers
  • Empowering new capabilities. Expansion of our offering
  • Opening of a new strategic cross line, applicable to all our business lines.
  • Extends our current service portfolio to include CRM capabilities.
  • Boosts our strategic line of customers (MDM), extending our range of solutions

Salesforce allows you to set up a MDM in the cloud integrated with a CRM also in the cloudthat makes use of partial matching, where data sources are prioritised so that they can automatically integrate data from different systems in both cloud and on-premises environments. If this is possible, your master data is always up to date and enriched and you make sure that your business finally has the right data:

  • A unique view of the customer.
  • Reports about all your CRM data enriched with customised objects.
  • Possibility from the CRM to have a clear view of what is happening in other back-office systems.

The 360º customer viewpoint is evolving and expanding. It never remains static. It is not just customer data and customer interactions. We also need to include information on financial data, logistics, support and training systems. We want to understand customer preferences, relationships, social media trust. And we want to capture data regarding location and the devices from which they connect. And all of these pieces of information we want to have in our CRM so we have a complete 360° view of the customer. If you don't use the the right tools with the right supplier, this is a difficult option to achieve.

What are the benefits of CRM? 

CRM systems provide companies with a complete view of their customers, enabling them to track interactions, improve service and build better relationships. CRM platformsCRMThey also enable real-time interaction from anywhere, meaning that companies can be there for their customers around the clock and with a wealth of information at their fingertips. 

These certifications focus on various roles by user type: 

  1. Administrator: works with stakeholders to define requirements, customise the platform and enable users to get the most out of Salesforce.
  2. Developer: will use their skills in the development field to implement and customise applications with the Lighting platform.
  3. Marketer: will be able to create targeted marketing campaigns to connect with customers and deliver effective customerjourneys1: 1 effective.
  4. Consultant: works directly with stakeholders to define requirements, customise the platform and enable users to get the most out of Salesforce.
  5. Architect: is oriented towards research and solution of severe problems. They design complex, high-availability systems that support large volumes of information.



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