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Excellence Scholarship for University Students

Program of scholarships and paid internships for students, to carry out the master's 'Big Data and Visual analytics'

Bosonit, a company specialized in visualization and data analysis, with development centers in: Logroño, Zaragoza, Bilbao and Madrid, annually launches a scholarship program for university students: degree in mathematics, computer engineering, electronics, physics, telecommunications engineering, among others. The scholarship offers a program with double training, paid by the company, ‘Master's Degree in Big Data and Visual Analytics’ and ‘Soft Skills’, and geared towards professionals residing in Madrid.
The internship Bosonit University facilitates the students of the master's degree, to complete their training in a paid practical way, participating in high impact projects in which the student will have full inclusion in the work environment. It will be trained in the most demanded technologies and tools in the world of Big Data, by Bosonit experts.
These students will do internships in a high performance center in Logroño, for a period of 10 months, and at the end, there is the possibility of joining the company.


The Master ‘Big Data and visual analytics’ endorsed by The International University of La Rioja, UNIR, follows an online methodology, which allows distance study and make training compatible with work or other studies. His method of study is flexible, personalized and effective, through online classes and a personal tutor to guide you in learning. The master's degree in ‘Big Data and Visual Analytics’ delves into the latest techniques applied to the business world in Big Data and Machine Learning. The training encompasses subjects such as information capture and storage, data mining for intelligent analysis and information visualization.
The program, with a total of 60 credits, is structured in two four-month periods, including an internship period and a master's thesis.

This master's degree in Big Data and Visual Analytics, delves into the most avant-garde technologies of Data Science and Machine Learning:

  • Information capture and storage: Data management and treatment with MongoDB.
  • Artificial Intelligence Techniques: clustering techniques and design of expert systems capable of inferring new knowledge.
  • Engineering for Massive Data Processing (Machine Learning): Hadoop Tools and Data Analysis and text mining with R.
  • Visualization Tools: Google Charts, JQuery plug-ins, for visualizations and D3.js

It also includes subjects that allow contextualizing Analytics in the business field and exclusive seminars with updated content on the latest trends and success stories applicable to your sector.

With this Official Master in Big Data you can train and specialize with the most current tools and languages used in the market, such as MongoDB, R, Weka, Spark or Tableau.

Study plan.


Methods of capturing and storing information (3 ECT)
Privacy and Data Protection (3 ECT)
Data Analysis and Interpretation (6 ECT)
Artificial Intelligence Techniques (6 ECT)
Interactive display of information (6 ECT)
Engineering for Massive Data Processing (6 ECT)


Visualization tools (6 ECT)
Strategic marketing and customer analysis (3 ECT)
Business Intelligence for decision making (3 ECT)
Internships in Bosonit (6 ECT)
Master thesis (12 ECT)

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