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INDUSTRY 4.0: How to accelerate the digitisation of industry and data exploitation with FIWAVE


In a smart factoryThe data generated by machines, sensors and robotic platforms is used for monitoring, maintenance and basic management of the production line. However, much of this data is obtained from different data sources without being exploitable.

At the conference held in  Logroño (9 May, 9:30 a.m. at the Federation of Businesses of La Rioja) y Arnedo (14 May, 9:30h at CTCR) and we show participants how to digitise industrial companies with FIWAVE, a platform developed with Open Source tools thanks to the technology FIWAREwhich makes it possible to connect infrastructures, extract and analysing data productive.

Smart Factories can exploiting data betterwhich are key to the future of the business. Greater integration of data from different sources can improve efficiency, speed up production processes and, most importantly, reduce costs or increase profits.

We will also discuss the subsidies and aid with the ADER innovation cheque for projects, pilots and feasibility studies.

Presentation of the day

- The origin and how the FIWAVE platform was born.
- Real-time data integration, analysis and visualisation.
- Interoperability: integration without interference in the production process and integration with SCADA, ERP and other sources.
- How to identify which data can add value.
- ADER innovation cheque for projects, pilots and feasibility studies.
- Success stories.
- Questions and Answers.

Speakers: David Santibañez, consultant at Bosonit.

This Bosonit initiative is promoted by the Federation of Businesses of La Rioja (FER), in collaboration with the Economic Development Agency (ADER) and the Government of La Rioja.




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