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The revolution of industry 4.0 is here to stay. Data technologies, together with digital twins or robotics, will make the industry a high-performance environment ready to adopt agile production trends.

Within this context, we have great news from Bosonit. We have recently won two pilot projects in the framework of the European Digitial Innovation Hubs (DIH) initiative.

The first one, named Riogistics, will integrate digital twin technologies at EMKA Sealing Systems plant in EMKA Sealing Systems de ArnedoLa Rioja. The aim will be the simulation of internal logistics tasks making use of CMRs (Collaborative Mobile Robots) to increase industry efficiency. We count with the financial support of the L4MS initiative, from Horizon 2020. The pilot is done in collaboration with the team at EMKA’s plant and ROBOTNIKas specialist on robotic solutions for the industry.

On the other hand, we have been selected to implement a new application experiment pilot within the context of the European initiative DIH2. The pilot, in this case, is done in collaboration with the company Plásticos Xima from Peralta, Navarra. The objective of the pilot will be to deploy a system able to prevent clogging in the plastic injection process. This will be possible thanks to the data monitoring activities via sensors, plastic injectors and existing robots at their plant. Thanks to those data we will be able to automatize the calculations OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency), measuring the injection efficiency and detecting, at the same time, the plastic clogging effect happening in the moulds. Clogging is a usual issue happening in plastic injection processes

Both pilots are under the umbrella of two of the major DIH initiatives at European level. They are a major step forward for BOSONIT’s positioning as reference entity offering digitisation solutions for the industry 4.0.

We use FIWARE technologies in both pilots, as a reference open-source platform to develop smart applications. Bosonit has been working with them for several years now.

Both pilots have received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreements 767642 (L4MS) and 824964 (DIH2)

Article by ., Director of Innovation at Bosonit.

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