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Day of presentation of ‘ADER Innovation Check’.

Yesterday we were in the Espolon area together with Banco Santander presenting the options that SMEs have to finance their R+D+i investments. Sara Madariaga talked to us about the possibilities of innovating thanks to the preparation with @Bosonit of the ADER aids. And you, do you want to innovate? If you could not attend, you…

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What is the Innovation Check?

The Innovation Check of the Economic Development Agency of La Rioja (ADER) is an aid designed to facilitate access to the different advanced innovation consulting services in products and processes for SMEs in La Rioja. Bosonit, more specifically, offers the elaboration of subsidy procedures for R+D+i projects, which involves the external expert consultancy of identification…

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The importance of R&D&I projects

In recent years there has been a significant increase in innovative activity in the business sector, promoted  by public policies to support these activities. Experience shows that R&D&I projects and actions are carried out but not always systematically or following specific methodologies that integrate these actions with the rest of the company’s activities. This causes that:…

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What is Innovation?

Having ideas is simple, having good ideas is more complicated, but what really constitutes a strategic challenge for companies is to continually generate good ideas and convert them into products or services with commercial success in the market. This is what is known as product or service innovation. But it is also innovated by modifying…

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